Defense and Security has become the most talked about issue around the world. Especially since 9/11, the war on terror that engulfed many countries perpetuated a wave of insecurity throughout the world. New and innovative warheads and security tools have been developed and deployed by various countries to prevent their solidarity. Within the bounds of a country as well, using “an eye in the sky” is a modern tool used by law enforcement agencies in their battle against crime or to assist in rescue missions.

UAV Defense & Security Solutions
UAV defense solutions find their applications in various civilian and military applications and is considered a vital tool by many sectors requiring “an eye in the sky” solution.

  • Surveillance

  • Criminal investigations

  • Site analysis

  • Traffic surveillance 

  • Monitoring specific targets

  • Search and Rescue operations

  • Anti-terror operations

  • Border surveillance

  • Explosive landmines detection and survey 

  • Coastal surveillance

  • Controlling hostile demonstrations and rioting

  • Monitoring summit meetings


Aero Tech Aerial Defense Solution

Our remotely piloted aerial system has proven its capability and agility for various defense purposes.

  • Agile surveillance: our state of the art UAV solutions are a great tool for surveillance and observation mission.

  • Reliable real-time data: Our aerial defense system is an efficient way to locate targets, performing site analysis before planning a mission and other such purposes.

  • Identify targets: This is a perfect solution for locating and identifying threatening targets, or major security situations, homeland security missions, border and coastal surveillance

  • Robust and efficient: Aero Tech offers robust, efficient solutions for missions ranging from ISR Intelligence, surveillance, to reconnaissance data.

  • Multiple sensor system: The Aero Tech’s UAV “eye in the sky” delivers multiple sensor systems. Multi-spectral data is then leveraged in a wide range of applications.