The Solar Powered equipment is still an evolving area in many parts of the world. Photovoltaic panels used by the Solar Power sector require periodic inspections to ensure that panels are working efficiently.

UAV Applications
UAVs like every other area finds its usability in this particular sector as well. The UAV applications in the Solar Power sector are listed below:

Inspection of Solar panels, transmission lines, main systems for faults and failures
• Solar site’s analysis and designing
• Geo-tagged images
• Preventive maintenance
• Monitoring vegetation
• Post natural disaster events assessment


Aero Tech’s UAV highlights:
The current procedures employed in the sector are labor-intensive and time consuming. Aero Tech’s solution for Solar Power sector is much cost-effective compared to the prevalent techniques.
High performance sensors: Aero Tech’s UAVs use high performance Infrared & LiDAR sensors to provide accurate and real-time data.
Saves labor and time resources: Aero teach offers a sophisticated way of carrying out different operations.
Quick and robust data: Aero Tech’s unmanned aerial (UAV) aircraft is equipped with FLIR and thermal sensors. It allows for the provision of robust data in just a few hours.
Precise information: The UAV can precisely detect any hot spot or overheated area in an individual cell, spot debris like broken glass or wire, which is hard to detect with the naked eye.

Increases productivity: The ease and precise detection of using Aero Tech’s UAV significantly cuts the cost of inspecting photovoltaic panels and increases productivity.