Power and electricity are the primary utilities in our daily lives. Their uninterrupted supply, balanced voltage and outreach is essential in the civilized world. The electric and power companies have to stay vigilant about their transmission lines. This includes performing regular inspections which entails unique challenges owing to the height and geographical dispersion of
their equipment.

Application & Services
UAV finds their usability in the Power sector for the following applications:

  • Inspection of Power lines, poles, overhead conducting cables, transmission lines distribution facilities etc.

  • Vegetation monitoring

  • Post-event damage analysis

  • Infrastructure planning

  • Thermal inspection for heat dissipation, cracks, and structural damage

  • Substation 3D LiDAR Modeling

  • Survey Grade LiDAR Mapping

  • Thermal HD live video and photo monitoring


Aero Tech’s UAV Power Utility Services
Currently, the power line inspection is commenced through helicopters or ground crew – by foot – inspections. We substitute such procedures with a much sophisticated technology.
Less expensive: Aero Tech’s state-of-the-art multiple platform UAV aircraft offers a less expensive and reliable solution.
Laser screening: Our UAV are equipped with Infra-red cameras and LiDAR laser scanning. This technology allows us to quickly detect any hot spots or electrical wire breakages, rust, and corrosion.

Isolator Check: The isolator check provides accurate digital information to assist managers and inspection engineers in performing accurate action assessments.
Safe, reliable and cost effective: Aero Tech’s UAV solution for power utility reduces operating costs and improve safety reliability and efficiency.