Mining Industry and its challenges
Mining is one of the pillars of a developed economy upon which many other sectors rely to a great extent. Be it the exploration of energy resources or fertilizers for agriculture, raw materials for goods manufacturing or compounds for medicinal drugs; many industries depend upon the mining Industry for their raw and natural resources. Nevertheless, Mining and quarries is one of those human activities that deteriorates environment too. It also requires a lot of human effort and technologically advanced tools to increase its productivity.
In view of the growing needs of an ever growing population and progressing economies, we need to adopt innovative approaches to achieve the sustainable development and environmentally suitable options that may ensure safety and productivity both.

How UAV is helpful in Mining Industry?
UAV or the unmanned Aerial Vehicle is the newest solution that replaces the traditional methods of inspection. It helps monitoring, mapping and prediction at a much lesser cost of time, security, and money, as compared to our age old mining techniques.

UAV Applications in Mining Industry
UAV can be used for the following purposes in the mining sector:

  • Asset, environmental, plant and equipment, site inspection

  • Aerial photography with high resolution imagery

  • Surveillance

  • Operations, vegetation, tailings dam monitoring

  • Stockpiles measurement surveys, site survey and mapping

  • Haul road optimization

  • Geotechnical modeling


Aero Tech’s UAV Solutions
Aero Tech provides state-of-the-art autonomous UAV, which promises substantial and positive impacts on the mining industry. Our solutions provide you following benefits:

  • Accurate and significant data: Our UAV provides significant data analysis without the need for manual tasks and large equipment. The high resolution imaging processes geo-reference images of the entire site.

  • Lessens Manual Job: UAV data collection reduces the need of manual surveys and work force. 

  • Volumetric Calculations:Aero tech drones measures the excavated area and volume measurements, the extracted stock piles volumetric analysis and other volumetric calculations.

  • Digital Mapping: The mapping services of our UAV are reliable. It provides significant Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM) to assess the height and elevation of open-pit mines. Also it assesses Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM) to measure the height and depth of entire site.

  • Inspection and Surveillance: Aero Tech UAVs are technologically advanced drones that are capable of performing inspections for different areas, such as on site high walls potential failure inspection, equipment inspection, vegetation and biodiversity inspection etc.

  • Real-time Data: Our UAVs provide real time data and images for quick results.