Long Range Thermal Camera

& Night vision Cameras


AeroTech provides wide range solutions of full range of middle to long distance imaging camera and photoelectronic devices, consist of:

1. Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera

2. Long Range NIR Laser Camera

3. Long Range Multi-Sensor Optical Camera

4. Fog Penetration Camera

5. Handheld & Portable Imaging Camera

6. Heavy-Duty Multi-Spectrum Optical Platform

With all of these range of cameras and photoelectronic devices, AeroTech able to provide almost every related solution and project construction, in:

1. City Safety Monitoring and Surveillance 2. Forest Fire Protection

3. Border Defense

4. Railway and Expressway Monitoring

5. Seaport and Airport Security and Safety Monitoring 6. Chemical Plant and Oilfield Monitoring

7. Criminal Defense

8. National Security Defense

Our Objectives:

We adhere and commit to lend every effort to achieve our main objectives in:


1. Improving the quality and provide excellent services to the global market
2. To create more value and to defend our customers safety andprofitability.
​3. unremitting effort to protect national security and social stability