LiDAR Mapping is one of the highly useful technologies. Combined with UAVs this technology is attributed as the ‘eye in the sky’ which opens doors to great possibilities in both, positive uses and negative ones. LiDAR Mapping is the advanced laser operated remote sensing technology that works by using laser light pulses to calculate distance, volumetric calculations and other integral parameters. It is connected with GPS and provides 3D maps with accurate and precise real time information in short span of time.

Industry Applications

Mapping technology is highly beneficial in multiple industries like;

  • Mining and quarries

  • Construction and infrastructure

  • Development and planning

  • Oil and gas

  • Law enforcement

All such industries utilize the real-time data to locate, survey or identify the specific features of a terrain or a target. The technology serves the purposes of:

  • Surveillance

  • Locating targets

  • Surveys and inspections

  • Rescue mission

  • Operations

  • Geospatial data collection

  • Volumetric measurements

  • Monitoring

Aero Tech’s LiDAR Mapping Technology

Here at Aero tech, we strive to equip our UAVs with the most advanced technologies to provide a valuable customer experience. Our UAVs equipped with highly sophisticated Lidar technology serves following benefits.

  • Easy to take along: The devices are light weighted and therefore easy to take along wherever you travel or wish to deploy them.

  • Long range mapping: Our technology provides long range mapping and is ideal for remote sensing, in difficult terrains.

  • High quality mapping: The technology provides accurate, precise, 3D maps with reliable data (with minor degree of deviation).

  • Fast results: It provides detailed data in a single flight eliminating the need of putting your human resource in dangerous or difficult tasks.

Increase your productivity: The highly advanced technology saves your time and manual effort, puts your resources to best use and resulting enhances your productivity at work.