Infrastructure sector comprises of the basic physical and organizational facilities like buildings, roads, power supplies. A country or city requires properly planned and functioning infrastructure for its economy to function smoothly. This sector relies upon scrupulous
inspection and surveying which is where the UAVs come into action.


UAV Applications in Infrastructure
UAVs or drones can be helpful in performing different purposes before site planning, city development and different project’s management. Some of the applications are as follows:

  • Traffic surveillance

  • Inspection of road condition, bridges, high rise buildings, railways, tunnels, water supplies, sewers, electrical grid

  • Structure surface inspection for rust and corrosion

  • 3D structural models

  • Roads & Highway surveying / Mapping

  • Aerial Mapping and high-resolution images to assist project planning

  • Defect identification

  • LiDAR and thermal inspection

  • Telecommunications


Aero Tech’s UAV Solution for Infrastructure Sector
Using Aero Tech’s unmanned (UAV) aircraft simplifies the long and tiresome manual tasks and provide accurate results.

  • Cost-effective solution: we can provide cost-effective asset inspections compared to the conventional technologies used.

  • High quality data: Our solution provides high-quality data and detailed surveys crucial for the engineers maintaining infrastructure.

  • Reliable and robust solution: Application of drone-powered solutions will transform inspections, monitoring, and surveying as our drones are equipped with smart software that enables them to provide accurate data, 3D modeling and other information
    required by engineers and others involved along the continuum of the construction process.

  • Construction and maintenance: Aero Tech’s drones are effective during the
    construction phases and crucial during later maintenance.