We Make Your Airspaces Safer!

Drones or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are becoming a part of our modern lives. From photography to agriculture, wars to sports; the scope of their applications is wide and diverse. As much as the technology is finding its usability in various fields, the threats and dangers associated with the use of drones are also surfacing. UAVs are notorious for easily breaching your airspace security, targeting an area, map, photograph or video record important landmarks, and other facilities in your airspace and more. Hence, there are a number of means through which the power of drones can be utilized. This increased insecurity calls for measures to counteract these dangers.

AeroTech offer specialized anti-drone systems to counter the unwanted drones breaching your airspace boundaries.
We believe in building safer surroundings for all. In view of the advancement in the drone technology, we therefore build equally intelligent and capable machines to intervene the ill-drones or UAVs at the beginning of their operations as they enter your airspace.


Anti-drone systems rely on specialized radio-frequency technology that makes your airspace safer and more secure. We understand that there are other ways to intercept a drone physically, but they may not be a suitable way to employ. Therefore we use smart radio-frequency technology and Anti-drones Jammers guns and drone detection radar system, that offers following benefits.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

We use the most cost-effective solution discovered as yet. It uses the radio frequency to intercept the drones remotely. Physical interception of drones may be a bit difficult and required skilled targeting. Whereas, the radio-frequency technology simply intervenes the radio communication between the pilot and the drone, thereby neutralizing it easily.

  • Detects and Neutralize Threats Successfully

Our anti-drone technology detects the radio frequency the drone is using. It then successfully intercepts this frequency cancelling the communication between the pilot and the respective drone.

  • Real-Time Recording and Interception

Our anti-drone solutions  system record real-time data and respond to the ill- drones immediately . It ensures the efficient interception of the UAVs that breaching your airspace.

  • Resilient and Efficient

Our drones offer efficient flight times. They are weather resistant and can stand harsh handling.

  • Easy to Handle

Our anti-drone solutions are easy to navigate and deploy. Although the anti-drone solutions we provide come with a detailed instruction manual however, in order to relieve you of any mishandling, we offer training and support facility as well.

UAV Training Facility

We understand the value of your investment in Drones, UAVs or Anti-drone technologies. Therefore, we provide our utmost support and attention to our esteemed clients. In case you are a beginner in operating the UAVs or not a tech savvy; we provide state of the art training facility for Drones and UAVs.

  • We educate about the anatomy, operations and care instructions for the different types of UAVs.

  • Our training session covers the complete operations, handling, and deployment of Drones used for different purposes.

  • We extend our services beyond borders and can operate internationally.


Aero Tech Robots’ Options

At Aero Tech, we offer ground robotic for military uses and FLYABILITY ELIOS INSPECTION DRONE for confined spaces and risky or difficult to penetrate areas like nuclear stations. We also offer collision-tolerant flying robots, designed for industrial inspections and complex terrains.