One area where UAVs suits the most is the Aviation industry. Airlines and airports are required to inspect their aircraft, runway surfaces, surrounding areas and buildings every day. The vast majority of commercial airline fuselage inspections are conducted visually, taking days, numerous staff and equipment like scaffolding and cherry pickers.

Applications and Services
The UAV applications in the Aviation industry are as follows:
• Lightning strike, corrosion and cracks inspection
• Live video during ongoing inspection of fuselage and airframe to help engineers detects any faults
• Airport building, roof and pavement inspections (runway, taxiway, apron)
• 3D airports buildings model
• Airport vicinity and NAV light inspection
• Aerial survey


Aero Tech UAV Solution
Aero Tech facilitates infrastructure inspections of airports, runway surfaces, surrounding areas and buildings with much lesser resources.
• Reduce aircraft downtime: Aero-tech UAVs perform the tasks much quickly than manually done. This reduces the aircraft’s downtime increasing its productivity.
• Reduce expensive man-hours: Aero Tech’s unmanned aerial (UAV) aircraft can be programmed to fly using different technologies to complete the required inspection tasks mechanically.
• Reduce equipment costs: The latest technologies allow the UAV to inspect approach lighting systems, antennae structures, flight verification tasks for navigation systems, and runway surface conditions which saves the equipment costs.
• Precise measurement: Aero Tech UAVs use Thermal and FLIR platform to provide precise measurement and high definition images.