Innovative Aerial Solutions

Aerial Mapping

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are deployed for several purposes among which Aerial photography is probably the most utilized one. Aerial mapping is similar to aerial photography but differs in a way that it delivers complete geo-referenced and ortho-rectified data of a terrain. This ensures that reliable measurements and calculations can be taken directly from


UAV Aerial Mapping Applications
From basic variables like distance, area, and slope calculation, to the advance stockpile 
volumetric analysis, sight line or watershed runoff casting, Aerial mapping can be used without hesitation. Some of the applications are listed below:

2D & 3D Mapping  

  • Geo-data for site planning and project management

  • Marketing tool

  • Geological exploration

  • Progress monitoring

  • Surface modeling and elevation modeling

  • Discover land slope & area gradient

  • Archaeology

  • Cellular Network Planning etc


Aerotech’s Aerial Mapping-Features
Aero Tech’s Aerial mapping solutions capture high quality images mapping the terrain in its entirety from highest peaks to its smallest landmarks.

  • Cuts down the cost: our Aerial mapping solutions provide all the important measurements in much lesser costs than the conventional measuring techniques

  • High resolution mapping: Our Map resolution is 3cm per pixel (3cm GSD), which is enough to see a golf ball, and we have the ability to provide higher resolutions using GCP.

  • 3D terrain models: We can also process the data to deliver full 3D terrain models (e.g., DSM, DTM).

  • Accuracy and reliability: The accuracy of the 3D data is generally around 5cm laterally and 5-8cm vertical.

  • Quick and Real-time data collection: Our advanced UAVs Platform provides the ability to easily and accurately survey and map your site within a few hours to provide high- resolution images and 3D models to be viewed immediately on-site to assist owner for the right actionable date outputs.