AeroTech, is a leading provider of innovative aerial solutions worldwide.

We are revolutionizing the industrial sector and bridging the gap, with the most advanced UAVs technologies.

Our autonomous aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles offer cutting-edge solutions for all activities conducted in both the commercial and defense fields.

Founded by experienced pilots who are dedicated to advancing the civilian and  defense sector, AeroTech lives to serve. From maintenance and aerial mapping to surveillance and surveying, we offer efficient and straightforward yet sophisticated solutions for all your aerial needs.

Why choose us?

Superior functionality:

As leaders in our field, we offer advanced features in our drones and UAVs that expand the possibilities of use for our clients. From conducting onshore and offshore inspections to unlimited aerial mapping activities with our live video feed and advanced UltraHD4k video-quality, you’ll experience the latest innovations this industry has to offer.


Our business is founded on safety. When you conduct aerial mapping with our UAVs, you will always experience the highest level of support and safety proficiency.


We’ve scanned the market and designed our products to be competitively priced for our clients. We offer comprehensive inspections in only 1-2 hours, which means efficient, cost-effective services for our clients.

Our clients put a great deal of value on our UAVs, and our solutions are used across a wide variety of industries. The feedback we repeatedly hear is around the superior performance and unmatched efficiency this creates for businesses, such as:


  • Power line inspections

  • Solar panel inspections

  • Wind farm inspections

  • Wind turbines inspections

  • Police and law enforcement

  • Air surveillance

  • Aerial mapping

  • Oil pipeline inspections

Aero Tech takes great pride in the unparalleled aerial imaging our clients can achieve with our products. Our high-quality and affordable autonomous aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles are designed to compete in a global market and work across various applications.


We believe in offering superior support to our clients. As an experienced team of professional pilots, we are trained to handle any situation. By providing swift, controlled, and smart action, we make sure you can always trust that your inspection activities are backed by the most professional care.


Our solutions are built for efficiency. With flexible and mobile features, our clients can access immediate and accurate analyzed data they can trust. In addition, as experts in our field, we provide fast defect identification and repairs to get you back up and running quickly.


Our experience has taught us that time well-saved is time well-earned. With shorter inspection sessions that don’t skimp on quality, we are able to increase productivity and effectively carry out more efficient services at a lower rate.