Cameras and videos are no more confined to photography as a hobby, or at events. They have taken a whole new form and purpose with the advent of recent trends in the human civilization. High megapixel images, 3D modeling etc. are the most recent advancements in the photography world.
Imageries are not only a strong inspection and investigation tool but also an impressive marketing tool. The more they reflect the real-life and real-time scenarios, the more they are usable, important and reliable. 3D Orthomosaic and Flir Cameras, both are used for creating such near to reality imageries that provide an in-depth analysis of the terrains they are used upon as well as deliver the geo-referenced and ortho-rectified data necessary for volumetric calculations, certain measurements and other operations.

3D Orthomosaic creates 3D maps of the surfaces along with the collection of important data in a single flight. Flir camera created by Flir Company, uses thermal sensors and a visible camera both, to create stills and raw video and collect the data in a single flight. The applications of both are numerous in several industries.

  • High-performance commercial uses

  • Public safety and surveillance

  • Site inspections and monitoring

  • 3D aerial mapping

  • Thermal imaging

  • Powerline inspections

  • Complex terrains and confined spaces inspection

  • Ground and flyable robots for military uses

  • ​Multi spectral dynamic imaging: The images have visible-light details with improved image quality.

  • Accurate orthomosaics: Flir cameras has a fully integrated GPS receiver, IMU,

  • magnetometer, and barometer that ensures accurate orthomosaics without any external help.

  • Interactive and cloud based: The 3D mosaics are interactive and cloud based and therefore they can be shared easily with the clients for marketing purposes or within the team to share the important information.

  • Direct information: The data collected by these devices can be directly taken from them. Flir cameras feed the data to two microSD cards in them.